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Tech Space podcast is brought to you by a team of enthusiasts who love the ever-evolving world of technology. On Tech Space, we talk about the top tech news and remarkable discoveries. We're bringing the best stories together, from big hacks, data leaks, and blockchain to breakthroughs in AI, robotics, science, technology, and space. We also have a tip for you each episode to help you use technology better, from top apps and gadgets to social media tips and tricks. We watch our news feeds and curate the top tech stories of the week into a podcast that you can listen to on your commute. Stay up-to-date on the most interesting tech news and developments. It's tech talk with a twist.

Meet Our Team

Derek Musso

Host and creator

Rodney Brazil

Co-host and writer

Lisa McKnight

Co-host and writer

Jackie Dana

Co-host and writer

Anastasia Dyachenko

Producer and editor

Jamie Long

Writer and editor

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